“The Arrangement” First Rehearsal. January 24th – 29th, 2014

First day was spent cleaning and preparing the theatre space – many changes have occurred since our last production of “Soiree Sforza”. Scenery and props have been constructed as well as the stage being widened so better sight lines for audience.

The Arrangement will include The Song Company, but for now Australian Dance Artists have gathered with Ken to read through his extensive synopsis of images, share his ideas and thoughts and discuss the many details involved. As always throughout the journey to opening night there is robust conversation and healthy exchanges concerning all aspects of the show.

The order of the show has been decided and we have the music to work with. The Song Company recorded “The Arrangement” at the Art Gallery of NSW August 2013. They will begin a 3 week rehearsal period with us in June with the opening night set for 12th July.

Susan Barling