Seven Impossible Pieces

 This most recent work, premiered in October 2016, was the second presentation for this year following the repeat season of Departures in April.

Anca, Patrick, Ross and Sues with Norman responded to Ken’s request to make this work “pure dance“ to challenging music commissioned from Jonathan and beautifully played by himself, Claire Edwardes, Genevieve Lang, Jason Noble, James Nightingale & James Wannan.

The adjective "pure" proved to be a tough brief to realise. Our interests these days are more in the line of story telling and image making. So the final “pure dance” was delivered – collaboratively, synergistically and unapologetically.

This time there were no large installations to deal with, Ken opting for a number of "Unsworthian interventions", which still proved to be a challenge for our crew, Christopher Axelsen and Annie Winter. We each created a solo, as well as two duets and finally a quartet in which Jonathan played his own score on stage, on a piano fitted with a working washing machine.

Each section was magically lit by Roderick van Gelder and costumed by Emma Kingsbury.

We look forward to the next challenge to be brought to fruition in October 2017.

Photos by Eammonn McLoughlin


Kevin Jacksons Blog of Seven Impossible Pieces

Seven Impossible Pieces film by Phillippe Charluet.