The Arrangement February 8 th - 10 2014

Second Rehearsal The Arrangement  February 8 th - 10  2014

Its now two weeks later and Norman, Susan, Anca, Patrick and Ross (aka ADA )have come together to continue the choreographic journey.

Within the composition of songs, which is The Arrangement, there are 5 musical interludes which have been constructed specifically for us to create a concept, the images and physical language, choreography.

So we have started on some of those – Ross and Susan had started on the first interlude at the previous rehearsal in January. As always in our process when we have breaks in between rehearsals it gives us a chance in that separation to consider and reflect.

Now we have come back to the studio and discovered different choreographic thoughts and options which evolved in a very natural and organic way, to the point where we were able to finish the duet. As always it is imperative to have some one giving artistic comment and advice from the front.  Anca and Patrick were the vital eyes from the front for us that day.

We have been working together for over 15 years in this same manner of collaboration. It is very special as we absolutely trust in each other’s artistic influence. We bat around and try different things until we feel and it feels like the right one.

Susan Barling